The goal is to reduce the impact of caries development by intervening as soon as possible to manage further tooth destruction and reversing the caries process in favor of remineralization. Ideally, the management of early caries lesions should involve the least invasive approach capable of preventing disease progression and empowering the patient to improve and maintain their own oral health.

Canada, October 14, 2016 – Today Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition (SOHC) joins a growing global community of organizations, stakeholders, and partners as an official sponsor of World Cavity-Free Future Day, a day initiated to spread awareness and engage communities around the world in the global fight against dental caries (the disease which leads to cavities).

Through a unified voice, the Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition works collaboratively with dedicated partners to improve the oral and overall health of Saskatchewan residents. As an inter-disciplinary group, we strive to identify and address the needs of vulnerable populations, and by using evidence-based decision making, promote advocacy, education, prevention and standards

The Saskatchewan Oral Health Coalition (SOHC) Marks Second World Cavity-Free Future Day, Urges Increased Resource Allocation to Fight Dental Cavities in Canada!

Global campaign underway to raise awareness of dental cavities prevention and demonstrate the value of a cavity-free future.

Designed to break the cycle of dental disease among higher-risk children, youth were engaged to provide education, using an existing training kit, to provide education on good smile habits to younger students within their school.
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