CDC Releases New Mobile App

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CDC, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention 

and Health Promotion 

JANUARY 17, 2017

CDC Releases New Mobile App for 

Infection Prevention in Dental Settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released a new mobile application (app) to assist dental facilities with monitoring compliance with recommended infection prevention practices. The app, CDC DentalCheck, is a tool dental practices can use to evaluate dental health care personnel (DHCP) compliance with administrative policies and clinical practice infection prevention and control recommendations.

”The CDC DentalCheck app automates an Infection Prevention Checklist and allows DHCP to easily move throughout the practice as they evaluate their compliance with recommended infection prevention practices,” stated CDC Dental Officer Michele Junger. “It is another tool practices can use to assure their compliance with CDC recommendations.”

The app is based on recommendations contained in CDC’s “Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings – 2003,” which remains the standard of practice for clinical dentistry, as well as other recommendations relevant to dentistry published by CDC since 2003. It can be used

To ensure the dental health care setting has appropriate infection prevention policies and practices in place, including appropriate training and education of DHCP on infection prevention practices and adequate supplies to allow personnel to provide safe care and a safe working environment.

To systematically assess compliance of personnel with infection prevention practices and provide feedback regarding performance. Assessment of compliance should be conducted by direct observation of DHCP during the performance of their duties.

Within the app, users can navigate to key references and resources for each area of focus including sterilization, safe injection practices, and hand hygiene in dental settings.

CDC DentalCheck can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store. It can be displayed on any iOS enabled mobile device, such as a telephone or iPad. Dental health care personnel using the app can export the data and corresponding notes, which can be used for documentation of program evaluation. The exported file can be printed, shared with others, or saved in PDF format.

Visit CDC’s Oral Health website to learn more about the CDC DentalCheck app.

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